Using Tech & Raffles to Fundraise

Using tech and raffles to fundraise

RafflesNow – The 50/50 Fundraising Raffle App aims to become a household name


RafflesNow – Has launched America’s first fully automated 50/50 fundraising raffle app. Consider RafflesNow the Uber of raffling. Have a phone. Have a raffle. RafflesNow is an all-new, modern way to raffle. RafflesNow is the only turnkey, fully automated 50/50 fundraising raffle app on the market. Simply stated…RafflesNow has done all the heavy lifting so you don’t have too. Raffle on America!

“RafflesNow – the smart, modern way to raffle”

The app offers a fun, new, and exciting approach to fundraising. Launch new fundraising campaigns or simply supplement your existing ones. Via the use of your smartphone and the RafflesNow app, you’ll find that we have made “Hosting and/or Participating” in 50/50 raffles simple, easy, convenient, fun and exciting!

“Now you can host and/or participate in a raffle in 60-seconds or less”


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Raise Your Fundraising Expectations

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