Fundraising Is Changing, Stay Up to Date

fundraising is changing, stay up to date

In today’s world, even Girl Scouts have taken to the internet to sell their cookies rather than ringing doorbells in the neighborhood. Thanks to the internet, the “neighborhood” has expanded to include friends and family from other towns, states, and countries.

To make the most of your fundraising, why not take your event online and reach a much larger audience? RafflesNow was developed with the intention of simplifying fundraising so that organizations can raise money efficiently without having to mobilize an army of volunteers.

Who can raffle? Anyone!
Any type of organization looking to fundraise for a cause is welcome to start a raffle on RafflesNow. Including, but not limited to:
  • School clubs and teams
  • Youth sports/travel teams
  • Veterans groups
  • Animal shelters/rescues
  • Church groups
  • Boys Scouts/Girl Scouts

​No more disrupting fans at a game or trying to catch shoppers as they hurry out of the grocery store on a busy Saturday morning. RafflesNow makes it easy to purchase tickets anywhere and at any time. And with electronic purchasing, no one will miss out on the opportunity to participate because they don’t have cash on them.

Instead of going door-to-door or hanging up posters on every street corner, volunteers can promote your group’s 50/50 Raffle via social media. Not only is this a more effective way to get people participating in your raffle, it also saves time and resources that your organization can allot to other tasks.

Mobile devices have changed the way we do most things, so stay up to date and let RafflesNow help bring your raffling into the 21st century.

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Raise Your Fundraising Expectations

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