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How to host a Charity Raffle Fundraiser

How To Host A Charity Raffle EventMr. Jake M.'s local brewery has long maintained the view that a company must be involved with the community to be successful. By that, they don't just mean living in the area. They also want to give back.  Nevertheless, regular...

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How To Start a Raffle Fundraiser for High School Sports

Ms. Hannah B. was the Team Mom and responsible for raising funds to pay for some players away tournament expenses. Hotels, meals and fuel costs are paid for by team members families. In order to offset costs, the team has been selling tickets at the door. In an effort...

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Leverage Online Fundraising and Generate More Money Fast

One of the best ways to add value to your fundraising event is to have a supplemental online fundraising strategy. With the help of online fundraising platforms, you can not only increase donations from those in attendance, but you can leverage the power of social...

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Raise Your Fundraising Expectations

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