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If You Use SportsEngine Then Use This App Too.

Leverage Technology to Simplify Team Sports Management If you’re using SportsEngine it means that you’re leveraging the power of technology to make your life easier. And why wouldn’t you. Looking back to when I was playing multiple sports each season, I can only...

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How to Start a Raffle Fundraiser for High School Sports

It's Tough to Fundraise for School Sport Teams! Starting a fundraiser for a High School sports team can be a daunting task. There's coordination among coaches, players and families to be made. A fundraising drive needs to be planned, collecting of donations and then...

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Fundraising Is Changing, Stay Up to Date

Fundraising Is Changing, Stay Up to Date

In today’s world, even Girl Scouts have taken to the internet to sell their cookies rather than ringing doorbells in the neighborhood. Thanks to the internet, the “neighborhood” has expanded to include friends and family from other towns, states, and countries. To...

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