If You Use SportsEngine Then Use This App Too.

Leverage Technology to Simplify Team Sports Management

If you’re using SportsEngine it means that you’re leveraging the power of technology to make your life easier. And why wouldn’t you. Looking back to when I was playing multiple sports each season, I can only imagine the stress my parents were under. Having to manage where I had to be and when, let alone manage the challenges when they coached! Rosters, dues, scheduling…Oh my. 

Fortunately, the days of post-it’s, phone trees and “sorry we were at the wrong field” are behind us thanks to platforms like SportsEngine. From managing registration, payment collection, rosters, team notifications, calendar reminders, selling apparel and so much more, SportsEngine nailed it. Whether you’re a supportive parent, player or coach, everything you need to seamlessly manage your sporting activities is connected to your phone and readily available.

So if you’re already using SportsEngine, congratulations, you’re evolving with the times and allowing technology to relieve unnecessary stress so that you can enjoy what you’re really there for, enjoying sports. 

Then what’s this other app that I need?

Well, if you’re involved with youth sports, then at some point you’re likely involved with fundraising to some capacity. You’re either in charge of it, or have to pull your weight for your player. If you haven’t started using RafflesNow to host your 50/50 raffles, it’s time. 

Like SportsEngine, RafflesNow streamlines everything, while giving you tools to attract donors beyond the typical family and friends at an event. From cashless payments & virtual ticket management, a real time pot size people can watch, social sharing links and random winner selection so no one thinks it’s rigged! the RafflesNow app handles all of your 50/50 raffle fundraising needs. 

With the RafflesNow App, (available on both iOS or Android) your organization can be up and running with its first 50/50 raffle within minutes. Gone are the days of gathering everyone to a location, selling paper tickets, managing volunteers to promote and passing around a hat to collect cash. Now you can create an event where people can donate on their own time, virtually. Additionally, they can promote the raffle to all of their networks with a simple text, social post or email blast, gaining you access to a fundraising community that’s in essence, limitless.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to simplify life with free tools like SportsEngine and RafflesNow, so you can thoroughly enjoy your sporting event, stress free.  Have fun out there!

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Raise Your Fundraising Expectations

Download the RafflesNow app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

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