Online Raffles – Sparks Flying & Laws Be Changing

online raffles sparks flying and laws be changing

What’s Happening?

“It’s about damn time” says Robert Pitard of RafflesNow – the 50/50 Fundraising Raffle App.

Citizens are pissed, Volunteer Fire Departments in PA are up in arms, NY lawmakers have been sitting on their hands, etc..

Laws and Raffles

Laws & regulations have SLOWLY continued to progress for the better, but not as nearly as fast as they should be, and that is a real shame. Robert Pitard says “Raffles have had an unnecessary and longstanding bad rap associated with them, and it is no longer justified.” Robert Pitard continues to say that “We here in the US should be embracing & encouraging the use of technology in an all-inclusive manner and way. Technology based & advanced raffling methods such as online raffles, virtual raffles, and raffle apps with the inclusion of online digital payment means should be the standard, not the opposite. 
Major league sports venues successfully host 50/50 raffles all the time in a mainstream fashion, and many do so online presently. To make matters even more interesting, they do so with with great success often generating raffle pot sizes in the $100,000 to the multi $1,000,000 dollar range.


Charities & Nonprofits Need Help, NOW! 

Charitable & nonprofit based orgs/entities need the help now and they need it more than ever. This pandemic is simply handicapping them. Times like these call for innovation & creation, with an element of problem solving. This is what America has been founded on. With Covid-19 & Social Distancing requirements in place…online raffles have been surging as they provide a newfound lifeline to struggling organizations. Online raffles can easily become a major fundraising tool/solution. Just take a peek at and you will see.
Straight donations are great, but often they are not enough as they can often fall on deaf ears, be over exhausted, and/or static in nature. Raffles on the other hand are compelling and of interest to many. Robert Pitard continues to say “Yes – Raffles are a Game of Chance, but, the word game is misleading here. This is not a game. This is real life, with real life consequences. Bottom line…this is a donation path!
Participants are willingly donating to a cause. Most if not all willing donating (by way of participation), knowing that they most likely will not win. Is this odd? Absolutely not. These participants know the chance to win is there, but are perfectly complacent in the fact that they have willingly helped a good cause. If they didn’t think such…they would have never donated a penny otherwise. How do I know this? Because I have personally asked many! Point being is that they bought into the cause at the very onset, and were willing to help the cause from the very onset. And for that reason, I call it a DONATION to the cause.”

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Lastly, #RafflesNow applaud both the Governor and Senator of New Jersey (NJ) for expediting this ever-so important bill. I’m confident that the other great states here in the US will take note and appropriate action as well in support of this movement, as they too have the power to help and make change. Citizens put them in their role, and those same citizens are now speaking. Please…let’s now listen, make some change, and do some good!

change means that was before wasn't perfect.

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