Quick Tips for a Successful 50/50 Raffle

RafflesNow makes raffling easy, but there are always ways to step up your game and have a more profitable fundraiser. Follow these tips to see your cash prize grow:

1. Introduce yourself
Provide a group name and photo along with a short description of your charity to highlight who and what you are to new potential donors. 
2. Give details about your raffle
Let participants know what the proceeds of the raffle will help benefit and why they should buy more tickets to support your cause.
3. Give your raffle a wide window for the “Start” and “End” dates
Your raffle doesn’t have to take place strictly during an event like a soccer game or a 5k run. Start your raffle early so tickets can be sold leading up to the event, this way the cash prize will grow larger and both parties will receive more.
4. Spread the word early and often
Press the “Share” button to tell friends and family about your raffle. Post to social media, send out email blasts, text and post on your blog to ensure you reach a broader audience. Encourage your community to share as well because the more they share, the bigger the pot size for them too!
Also, utilize QR codes at your event. Post the QR code at sign-in, on the table with your silent auction, at the bar, on the bathroom doors, wherever really!
5. Follow your raffle
Keep an eye on the progress of your raffle by pressing the “follow” button and watch the cash prize grow.

Download the RafflesNow app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and start raffling today! You can also access our online version too!

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Raise Your Fundraising Expectations

Download the RafflesNow app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

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