RafflesNow – We Support the Greater Good

Raffles now we support the greater good


The banner says it all! It’s a fact, we here at RafflesNow love raffles. Just as a carpenter has a hammer in their toolbox, raffles are a tool that is available to you. Our goal here at RafflesNow, LLC was to design and build an app that made supporting the greater good both fun and easy. Creating the RafflesNow all-inclusive 50/50 raffle app was the perfect vessel to do so. Once a carpenter builds a house, someone uses it. We now ask you to explore and try RafflesNow in support of doing good. RafflesNow – A platform designed in support of the greater good! Raffles are a great, positive, and fun way to support the greater good and all of those great causes and/or organizations that you are passionate about.

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