Virtual Raffle Fundraiser

virtual raffle fundraiser


In times of social distancing and beyond the movement is absolutely towards “Virtual” and “Digital Transformation.”

RafflesNow readily exhibits both of these qualities in an easy and friendly to use app. Don’t let Covid slow you and your organization down. Start fundraising with the latest fundraising-based tool;  RafflesNow – The 50/50 Fundraising Raffle App.

RafflesNow is not just an app…it’s a full on stand-alone fundraising solution/platform that perfectly compliment the virtual and digital trend movement.

Fundraising is always challenging. Fundraising during COVID-19 is even more challenging

​A virtual raffle can happen anywhere, is easy, and just about any nonprofit can run and host it! It works very similarly to a traditional fundraising raffle, but everything happens online via the RafflesNow mobile app, so it’s much easier to manage, and nobody will need to go door-to-door / person-to-person selling raffle tickets.

Virtual fundraiser raffles are particularly great when you’re trying to mobilize a lot of people to participate and contribute small donations (which add up quickly). Naturally, sharing virtual raffles in support of your campaigns and/or important causes is a dream. With the RafflesNow “SHARE Features” your network will quickly informed.

While there’s nothing glamorous or extra unique about this fundraising strategy, people are very familiar with charity raffles. Many adore them actually. This might work to the advantage of many nonprofits who need to raise money but don’t feel like they can host a large virtual event. It also might be advantageous to use a fundraising strategy that people know and understand during a season of uncertainty and fear (like the COVID-19 pandemic). Sometimes in fundraising offering familiarity is an asset. RafflesNow virtual raffles are also much cheaper to run because you don’t have to pay for raffle tickets, events, and other expenses. With RafflesNow there is no fee to use our software if you don’t raise any funds, you only pay a fee if your raffle is successful!

​Of course, you’ll need to offer a prize for the raffle winner. Some organizations like to offer prizes such as gift baskets, experiences, and other prizes in support of give-away based raffles. Raffles now focuses on 50/50 raffles (aka: Cash Raffles) as the prize. This means that portions of the money raised is split between the host organization and an individual raffle winner.

The key is to provide a prize that many people will want! And winning a cash prize is always high on the list! FACT: Many individuals that are accustomed to 50/50 raffles realize that the odds of winning is slim, but they willingly and excitedly participate anyways knowing that in the long run they are supporting a good cause..and that is the true name of the game! Note: With every raffle there is always one lucky winner!

Steps to get started

  1. Here’s how it works: Download the RafflesNow App (if you don’t have it already)
  2. Set up the raffle campaign within the RafflesNow App. For every $5, $10, $20, or $50 someone donates, the participating individual receives entries into the raffle drawing, just like a standard raffle fundraiser.
  3. You will want to make sure that you broadcast the virtual raffle far and wide on social media and in both your email & blog updates. Create fun, sharable content that your supporters can use on their social media to help you fundraise and raise awareness about your cause.
  4. The RafflesNow app will declare the winner at the end of the contest! Both the raffle winner and raffle host will be notified. If possible, share a photo and name of the winner on your social media platforms and in the email and/or blog update. Broadcasting the winner builds trust and confirms that you actually did hold the drawing (especially for when the prize is a portion of the proceeds).
  5. Remember, by hosting a virtual raffle everyone wins. As virtual raffles are extremely gratifying to most as they offer a rare & unique level of excitement to fundraising. Virtual Raffles offers a great way to re-energize your campaigns and fundraising efforts. We are confident your donors will appreciate such.

Whether it’s about fundraising or just bringing people together to stay connected in your community, a virtual fundraising or virtual gathering for your nonprofit organization can pay dividends while remote connectivity is critical. Whatever the case, virtual fundraiser raffles can be exactly what the doctor ordered!


Create and/or participate in a virtual raffle now!

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