What Is the Best App or Online Website to Do a Raffle Draw and Pick a Winner?

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This was an important Q&A based question about raffling that was recently posted on QUORA:
What is the best app or online website to do a raffle draw and pick a winner?
Great question…one that I am happy to assist answering for you. My answer is RafflesNow – The Raffle App:
RafflesNow – Raffle. Anywhere.To answer this question effectively I would need a little bit more information. I say this because there are a couple of considerations here. Not all raffle apps are created equally, meaning some are much more robust and feature rich than others. With that said, RafflesNow is the most robust, most complete mobile Raffle App on the market as it is 100% fully automated. Another factor is your intended raffle type…50/50 cash raffle or a giveaway (prize) based raffle. This are two very different raffle types and have different backend requirements, so no singular app and/or website currently caters to both simultaneously.If you’re simply looking for a simple RNG – Random Number Generator, you can source such by typing the same in the search field of the app stores. You can also search keyword “Raffles” and other basic RNG based apps will show up. From there simply pick the one that best fits your need.Here is a recent related post RafflesNow did on QUORA:
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