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how to do an online raffle


So recently we here at RafflesNow noticed that wikiHow posted an extensive “How-To” article about raffling online. The online article is titled “How to Do an Online Raffle” and was posted on October 17, 2019. Here is the direct link to it:

This article was:

  •  Co-authored by their staff editor and their trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

This article was listed on the wikiHow website under:

And then ultimately…

Where is this blog post going?

And why is it important enough for RafflesNow to share it here on the RafflesNow BLOG and with the general public?

Now don’t get us wrong here! Just to be clear…we are not knocking wikiHow with our “Wiki What” post. We are simply stating that there is now a better, simpler, and more convenient way to host raffles.
A way that wiki most likely is not aware of.


The answer to both of these questions is that wikiHow’s article as written is both good & bad.

​It’s important for us to note…
That we here at RafflesNow 100% are all for the promotion & education of fundraising via raffles! With that said, deep down inside we are thankful for their resources, contributions, and the time & effort that they put forth in aiding with the helping of spreading the good word on raffling.

Now let us elaborate! (This explanation is a 1-Minute read)

So overall their article is very good with respect to the fact that it does answer and/or provide a lot of the answers and insight on “How to Do an Online Raffle.

The problem is…
Now, thanks to RafflesNow” – America’s #1 Most Trusted Raffle App/Platform this article is basically obsolete!


RafflesNow has fully automated the raffling process from A-Z. Translation…everything you need is already built-in and accounted for. One-stop shopping if you will. RafflesNow has baked-in all the steps described in the wikiHow article conveniently into a singular application. Therefor all the individual steps that wikiHow has suggested are no longer required to be performed independently.

Hands down, RafflesNow has everything you need to support your fundraiser based raffles.

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