Leverage Online Fundraising and Generate More Money Fast

Add Value with Supplemental Fundraising

One of the best ways to add value to your fundraising event is to have a supplemental online fundraising strategy. Think of it as “an event within an event”. With the help of online fundraising platforms, not only will you increase donations from those attending, but you can attract donations from those not present. An example of this is with the power of social sharing, a.k.a. Peer-to-Peer fundraising.

Try Using Text-To-Give

Text-to-give is possible when you use social media platforms and fundraising apps, like RafflesNow, as one of your fundraising tools. For example, a popular way that many nonprofit groups use to attract donors is by using text-to-give services.

This is as simple as texting a link to a donation website. The link can be sent to your donor base, friends and family. In using this method you easily allow prospects to donate, simply by clicking a link in a text message sent to their cell phone. They can then share the charitable donation link right then and there. 

The Power of 50/50 Raffles

Additionally, one of the most common fundraising ideas that’s easy to implement and garners major excitement from attendees and your social network are 50/50 raffles. 50/50 raffles collect donations and at the end of the raffle period, one winner is selected at random. The winner and the charity then split the winnings, 50/50.

By incentivizing donors with the chance to win themselves, 50/50 raffles tend to be very successful and add significant excitement to those in attendance because it’s an “event within an event”. RafflesNow has made this even more accessible with our iOS & Google Play Apps, as well as the online platform

QR Codes Are a Must

To further market your online fundraising efforts to attendees, charities rely on QR codes that are strategically placed throughout their in-house event to help attendees access a donation page from their phones. Place the QR Code at the registration table, next to the silent auctions, on tables, hang on restroom doors and of course, make sure they’re visible at the bar. You can also show people the QR code on your phone when you run into them at the coffee shop! 

Why Online Fundraising Should Be At All Your Events 

Online fundraisers have become increasingly popular with nonprofits because they allow for a nonprofit group to leverage its social networks easily, by just connecting with their already established networks of supporters.  Using online fundraising keeps things simple, efficient and scalable.

In order to make sure that you are getting the most from your fundraising efforts and making the most profit for your organization, take advantage of the opportunity that technology has to offer. 

If you’d like to start a 50/50 Raffle today, click the link below. Set up takes just a few minutes and you’ll be on your way to raising more donations! 

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